“Rip & Sip” Vinyl Sticker


Partake in Jesus’ body and blood—COVID style!

The Lord’s Supper is no mere church tradition. Christ himself attaches to it the promise to forgive sins. That’s kind of a big deal.

During the COVID years, many churches used prepackaged communion wafer/juice units in order to continue observing this important ritual in a sanitary way.

As a grown man, I had a hard time holding back giggles each Sunday as I listened to the whole congregation peeling back the foil cover in unison. Usually a good 30 seconds of crinkling and snapping noises.

If you think this sticker’s paraphrase of scripture is a little sacrilegious, how do you feel about using these prepackaged grape Kool-Aid instead of communion wine? Is it efficacious to forgive sins? Who’s to say? Even though these “flavored juice drinks” are guaranteed valium-free, I’d rather take Jesus at his word and use the genuine version of the refreshment he instructed.

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